Steps To Publish A Memoir: You Have A Story The World Needs To Hear

July 2, 2021

Steps To Publish A Memoir: You Have A Story The World Needs To Hear

Have you ever questioned whether or not your story needed to be told or published? If you’re reading this, you probably have, and it probably does! The world is in desperate need of your individual experiential story. Of course, before we get started- it’s important writers have a true understanding of what a memoir is, and all that it entails. Before you sign yourself up for your memoir journey, there are a few things you should know.


First: Don’t wait for the perfect day for feeling to start writing

We’ve all heard it said that writing can be cathartic. But make no mistake- this is a long, tedious process, much different than writing in your personal journey. It’s more like sharing your personal diary with the world (the difference being that you can control what details get put out, obviously). You’ll spend hours creating a first draft, and double the hours after that with an editor and publisher. It’s important that writers don’t go into the with false hope of finding healing through writing, because that may not be the case for you. Or, maybe it will be- you just never know until you try it out for yourself.

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Secondly, Be ready for criticism

The public is not as close to you as your family- even those that might be familiar with you and your work. The reality is, they have no idea how much work and time you will have put into this book, and on top of that, everyone thinks their opinions and ideas/edits are far superior. Thus, they need to be heard- by you! There will be those that support your book and love it, those that love it and still give “constructive criticism”, and those that don’t support you at all. A memoir makes you vulnerable to all, but if you’ve built a thick skin, the vulnerability will only strengthen you and the bond you have with your audience.


Lastly, Always come back to your “Why”

The world needs more honesty and bold truths. The parts of the story that you might feel are too “embarrassing” or you think, “Do they really need to know this about me yet…” are exactly what you need to include. Remember that you’re writing this memoir for a reason! Whether it’s to change a life, or a mind, your voice has the power to do that, and your voice is ten times more intimate when you include the real, relatable and intimate moments in the memoir.


Getting Started: Steps To Writing A Memoir

Starting any book, especially something as intimate as a memoir, can feel daunting. Start by mind mapping all the ideas you have buzzing around in your head on sticky notes. No matter the size or topic, start with sticky notes. Try to organize them by theme, subject, event, or story. Once you have these in a place you’re happy with, write it out in an outline from start to finish. Keep in mind, this is just a rough outline to help you with a rough start to your first draft! No need to put on the pressure at this point.

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Hot Tip! Don’t get caught up in your thesaurus while writing your first draft. There will be LOTS of time to edit and improve your work later in the editing process.

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