How to Get Your ePub Books on Your Kindle

November 29, 2019

So you purchased an e-book from a website that uses ePub file types – so how do you get this book onto your Kindle? If you’ve ever tried sending an ePub to your Kindle, you likely learned quickly that Kindle does not support ePub. In fact, the file type that Kindle supports is called Mobi – but how does this help you get that book onto your Kindle and ready to read? Or perhaps you want to read your own book on your Kindle to proof it before publishing. There is a simple option that can help you get that book onto your e-reader! 

Convert ePub to Mobi with Calibre

Calibre is a free software you can access HERE. Not only will it allow you to convert files as needed, but you can even use it to easily read and view books directly from your computer.  It is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and portable devices. It is a great e-reading app for mobile devices when files are unable to be transferred to Kindle. 


Once the file is converted, you can transfer via wireless and wired connections or email. To transfer files to your Kindle via email, send an email with the file attached to your Kindle email address. Subject line should be “CONVERT”. This can also be done for other file types such as PDF or DOC. 

Previewing Documents with Kindle Create


For authors who are more curious about how their books will appear on Kindle once uploaded to Amazon, we suggest a different program called Kindle Create, which can be accessed HERE. This software is offered through Amazon and allows you to preview how your book will appear on Kindle devices. 


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