Four Questions Authors Should Ask Before They Publish Their Book

December 20, 2019

After finishing your manuscript and surviving the editing process, you’re probably eager to publish and understandably so. But don’t rush into the publishing process just yet! There are some important questions you should ask both yourself and your potential publishers before proceeding. 

Is Your Book Ready for Publication?

A common mistake for many new authors is to rely upon their own editing skills. While the biggest aspect of any writing project is re-writing, it is important to have outsiders look at your work. As authors we grow attached to our manuscript and often become blind to our own mistakes, whether they be grammatical or errors in the content itself. It is best to have at least two editors. After a few rounds of edits, you’ll see your manuscript improved, polished, and ready to be consumed. A book symbolizes your credibility, whether it be fiction or nonfiction, and you want it to be as perfect as possible before reaching the reader.

Do You Have a Solid Marketing Plan? 

Depending on your route of publication, marketing may be handled by your publisher, but if its not or you plan to self-publish, it’s time to start thinking about marketing. Publishing a book is only the first step, but if you want it to actually reach readers in world of thousands upon thousands of books, you need to let them know it exists! This can be done with Facebook and Instagram Campaigns, blog posts, and more. It is a tricky and time consuming aspect of publishing and it is often best to hire a professional – even if you plan on self-publishing. 

What Is Your Goal?

Do you want to be a bestselling author? Do you want loyal readers to continue to follow your work? Think of what your main goal for publishing is and find the resources to help you along the journey. For example, if you’re wishing to be a bestselling author, here at Elite Online Publishing, we offer services specific to that goal. Your marketing plan should be specific to the goal you have in mind.

Self-publishing or Traditional Publishing?

This is the most difficult question — are you going to self-publish or send your manuscript to a publisher? If you have goals of being published by a company such as Random House, you will need to start seeking a literary agent. Random House and similar publishers will not allow solicitations from the author themselves. It is also important to keep in mind that even authors like J.K. Rowling experienced multiple rejections before being accepted. 


Another option is publishing with a company that has open submissions, meaning the author can submit the manuscript directly. Elite Online Publishing has such a process and works closely with our clients in achieving their goals. 


Lastly, you can choose to self-publish, without any resources. Keep in mind this is not recommended if you’re looking to drive sales and reach a new audience. You’ll need to consider a marketing team, someone to format your book, a book cover designer, and so much more. It takes a lot of work to not only publish a book but see its success. 


We recommend doing research on all options and choose what is best for your needs. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to submit your manuscript for consideration, please CLICK HERE


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