Is It Important For Your Book to be a Bestseller? Uh, yes!

May 1, 2020

You’ve published a book, so now what? You can’t just leave it up to the Universe for it to achieve the success it deserves. You might be thinking obtaining bestseller status is a dream that’s out of reach, but that’s not true! And it’s important that your book becomes a bestseller! Here’s why— 



It’s Your Business Card

We say it all the time but it never ceases to be true and relevant. A book is your business card. In fact, it’s the best business card you can have for several reasons. Think of all the business cards you’ve tossed over the years. How many books have you thrown in the trash? Exactly our point. Your “business card” (your book) gains more credibility when it has the label bestseller. Whatever your book is about you are now the expert in your field. A book is one thing, but a book that is known as a bestseller, will open doors in a way nothing else can. Whether it is driving new clients or other opportunities, a bestselling book is what you need!

Creating New Opportunities

So, what exactly are these opportunities that a bestselling book will create? Well, now that you’re known as an expert in your field, you will have invites to speaking gigs, interviews, podcasts, webinars and more! You can even create your own podcast and interview other experts, start your own webinar or class, or even sell a product or service related to your book. 

By creating all these new opportunities, you’re going to see what the ROI (Return on Investment) of a book looks like. It’s not necessarily about the money you make by selling the book itself, it’s the image you create for yourself. It’s a marketing tool that will create better leads, new clients, and other revenue generating opportunities. For more information on this, click here!

All Of Our Authors are Bestsellers

You might be wondering how you can reach bestseller status. That’s where we come in. Here at Elite Online Publishing all — and we mean all — of our authors become #1 Bestsellers. Check out our testimonials page HERE and take a look at Todd Sylvester’s testimonial HERE. We have a team of marketing gurus, writers, and more that are experts in their field and able to ensure your book becomes s #1 bestseller. 

Contact us today to set up a time to discuss how we can help your book reach the success it deserves! What better time to start your book journey and find new ways to increase your revenue than during quarantine! 



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