Three Tips to Get You In Shape For The New Year With Phil White

December 17, 2018

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Phil White about his Three amazing fitness tips for the new year. Learn how to get fit without going to the gym.

Phil White is the co-author of The 17 Hour Fast, Waterman 2.0, Unplugged, and Game Changer. He writes for HANAH, Momentous, XPT, TRX, Onnit, StrongFirst and other leaders in human performance, and donates storytelling to Intrinsic, which helps military veterans, firefighters, police officers, and athletes overcome PTSD, TBIs, and concussions. In a previous life, Phil was nominated for a screenwriting Emmy.

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Intrinsic (helping veterans, first responders and athletes overcome trauma)

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Art of Breath –

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59 Lessons Book

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Show Notes-

  • A recent study in the UK found that people chronically underestimate by up to 50% on average there tech usage.
  • Try resetting the place of food in your life.
  • Reduce the portion size of your pre and post meals.



“So is your goal to run a 5k or in some cases like a half marathon, is your goal to just be healthy enough to play with your kids or grandkids, is your goal to do a Spartan Race or to be able to back squat 400 pounds. What is your goal? You need to really establish that and then start to work backwards.” (7:50)
” Just being present and focused in the moment can get you into the flow state.” (9:50)
“A lot of companies talk culture to death and they talk in quotes work-life balance to death and yet their practice is a little more than modern-day sweatshops.” (12:39)

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