Promotional Social Media Templates for Authors

July 30, 2021

Promote Your Book with these Templated Social Media Posts

Staying relevant and active on social media is similar to keeping up a healthy lifestyle and exercising. For authors that want to maximize the value of their book to the fullest, and reach the most readers possible, succeeding at social media is not an option any more. However, we know it can be a challenge for new authors to learn the in’s and out’s of this digital realm.

Our list of social media templates below includes simple language that offers a starting point towards posting common promotional occasions. Feel free to take these templates and build on them, or adapt them to fit your needs, without having to start from scratch!

Pre-Launch Publication Awareness

– I’m excited to announce that my book, [insert book title here], is publishing with [tag publisher] and will be available for purchase everywhere on [insert pub date]. Sign up for my newsletter for more book launch updates! [Insert newsletter signup link].

– Big News! The cover of my new book [insert book title] is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Pre-Launch Publication Pre-Orders

– Do you want to be one of the first to hold my book in your hands? Get [insert book title] before everyone else by signing up for the Pre-Order [insert retailer link]

– Early bird gets the worm! My book [title] is available for pre-order today! [insert link]

Publication Day

– My book [book title] is officially available NOW, everywhere that books are sold TODAY! [enter Amazon short-link]

– I’m so excited to share my brand new book [book title] with you! I’ve worked so hard on this, and believe there’s something in here for you… Order your copy TODAY! [insert link]


– [Reviewers Twitter handle or name] just reviewed my book [book name]… Read it here! [insert link] What do you think? #BookReview

Promo Pricing

– For a limited time only, you can grab a copy of my book, [insert book title], for [enter promo price] on Amazon! [enter link] #eBookSales #KindleSale

Kindle Deal Feature

– I’ve been waiting to share this news with you! I’m so excited to announce: Amazon has selected my book [book title] for [enter promo month]’s Kindle Monthly Deal. Grab your Kindle copy for $.99 on Amazon NOW [enter link]. #KindleDeal

Elite Tip:

When sharing your Amazon book link, or Amazon book page, always use a shortened version! To create a short link, find your book’s ISBN (note: this number is different for eBook and print book!) and add it to the end of this URL:


Podcast Interviews

– [Enter interviewee’s name and title] and I just sat down to talk about [enter short summary of interview]. Be a fly on the wall and listen here! [Insert link]

– I recently joined [tag podcast] to chat about my new [upcoming] book and [additional topic]. My conversation with [insert podcaster name] launches today… Listen on these platforms [insert platform availability and links]

Article Shoutout

– Thank you [tag name of publication/website] for including me in [enter short summary of the article topic]. I feel so grateful for the support in my community! Read their article and share with someone who you think would enjoy it… [enter link]

Re-sharing Past Media

– Did you miss this podcast? Thank goodness for the internet, right? Check out this interview I did with [insert name and title] about [brief interview summary]. Listen on these platforms: [insert links]

Influencer Share

– Thank you [insert Influencer] for the shoutout of my book, [book title]! What was your biggest takeaway from the story?


Elite Tip: Use Hashtags

Use keywords to create hashtags that are relevant to each unique post. Here is a list of what some of those might look like:













Depending on your niche / category, your other hashtags might look something more like this:







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