Winning Strategies For The Courtroom With Sandra Spurgeon

April 15, 2019

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson speak with Sandra Spurgeon about her book A Courage To Stand.

Sandra Spurgeon has been a practicing trial lawyer since 1990. In that time, she has successfully litigated in excess of 120 cases through verdict in both state and federal jurisdictions. Throughout her career, Sandra has synthesized a plaintiff and defense litigation practice that has afforded her great insight and a unique perspective in “getting to the heart” of the case from the beginning stages thru trial. Thru experience, she has achieved trial excellence in the courtroom.

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Show Notes-

  • Organization and critical thinking skills are key to succesful strategies.
  • The focus should not be on you but your client.


“Having a trial or trying a case is very much like a Broadway play.” (3:00)
“As I began exploring whether I should write this book or not, I thought, what does that really mean? I really think you can give everybody the elements, it’s like cooking up,  a pecan pie or making soup, you can give the ingredients, but it really goes into the execution of how it’s worked up.” (7:21)
“Sometimes the case you think you’re going to present in the courtroom is not what happens at all.” (8:00)

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