Standing Out In A Crowd with Brendan Kane

August 9, 2021

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Brendan Kane, author of Hook Point: How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to get someones attention in 30 seconds or less.
  • How to get people to stop scrolling.
  • How to spend your time wisely on social media.


“Remember back to bedtime stories, kids always want to know the ending, and that plays to exactly what the algorithms are looking for.” (5:36)

“There’s organic versus paid social media, there is email and LinkedIn outreach. So each communication outlet that we use, warrants a different type of style.” (7:43)

“If you’re always seeking the answers and testing, you will ultimately find a way.” (17:19)

About Brendan Kane:

There are over sixty billion messages shared on digital platforms each day, and the average person is exposed to between four thousand to ten thousand ads a day. This bombardment of stimuli has changed the way we communicate and market content both online and off. In fact, research shows that you have less than three seconds to capture a person’s attention. With such a short window of time, we need to hook audiences quickly, efficiently, and consistently if we want to successfully fuel brand awareness and growth.

Luckily, Brendan Kane, an out of the box thinker and strategist who’s built platforms for celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rhianna, and worked with Fortune 500 companies like Paramount, Viacom, and MTV has mastered the art of standing out. In Hook Point: How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World he reveals the power of hook points—a communication tool that helps marketers package their messages in a succinct, attention-grabbing way that leads to better opportunities both online and off. Whether you’re promoting a brand, product, or service this book is the essential guide for making it in our three-second world.

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