Free Kindle Books Available From AmazonCrossing – In Celebration of World Book Day

Free Kindle Books Available From AmazonCrossing – In Celebration of World Book Day

World Book Day Gift From AmazonCrossing!

AmazonCrossing Aims to Connect One Million Readers with Kindle Books in Translation

For one week, U.S. customers can download free Kindle books in translation from a diverse list of nine books curated by AmazonCrossing editors

Visit to download free books in translation and #readtheworld

AmazonCrossing is the largest publisher of translated fiction in the United States. They are allowing U.S. readers to download free Kindle books in translation for one week in honor of World Book Day! April 23rd is a celebration of reading across the globe. Customers can download the English translation of award-winning foreign books curated by AmazonCrossing editors till 11:59pm PDT on April 24 by visiting They believe books have the power to connect us across language, country, and culture and aim to reach one million readers in honor of World Book Day.

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Awaken Your Passion & Power

Awaken Your Passion & Power

We have another amazing author releasing his e-book today for only .99 cents.

New Book:

Ignite the Gift You Are: 7 Master Keys to Awaken Your passion, Power and Profits
by Gary Acevedo

The Manual for those who want true influence, those that want to change people’s lives and make a real difference; Coaches, Facilitators, Healers, Trainers, Speakers, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Husbands and Wives.

The 7 Master Keys of this book will move you from states of fear and doubt to productive states of passion, purpose, play and love. In this book we also explore powerful topics such as:

• The Greatest Key to Influence
• Your Greatest Challenges reflect your greatest gifts.
• Problems as hidden treasures; The Power within our Perfection
• How to Overcome Overwhelm and Procrastination
• The key to never making a bad decision again!
• Honoring Your Truth as the greatest key to happiness and success!
• Success in Relationships: The keys to healing and transforming relationships
and building unprecedented intimacy
• Higher Purpose: The greatest leverage for manifesting your vision. The art and
science of knowing and living your purpose.
• Guaranteed strategies to increase your income!

gary acevedo book

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