The Biggest Mistakes Made in College Applications | with Christian Hansen

October 28, 2019

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert Christian Hansen about applying to colleges. Learn what to write in your college application essay, how to get into the best school for you, and how to avoid the biggest mistakes students and parents make in the application process.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to navigate the transitions from High School to College, College to grad school, and grad school to the workforce.
  • What to put in your College Application Essay.
    • Tell your story.
    • Make sure everything in your essay and application are aligned with each other.
  • How to get Financial Aid to pay for school.
  • Understand your “why” for college before decided the “where”.
  • You are not limited to the few programs or schools that you think you must get into.
  • How to choose the right school for you and your budget.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake students and parents make in the application process.


“The biggest misconception that people have about college is the thought that there’s only a select few colleges that can afford the type of success that you want, and that’s just simply not true.” (5:10)
“You can reach success and lifelong success by going into any number of places.” (6:17)
“In college application essays, I would say that the biggest pitfall happens even before they start writing…” (10:00)
“I would say the biggest mistake and biggest kind of pitfall that people make, is this belief that you have to be well rounded.” (18:17)

About Christian:

Christian is the college guru! He has experience as a college application reviewer, Federal Financial Aid and Scholarship Counselor, recruiter, and admissions committee member. He is dedicated to helping students and parents through the process of applying to Universities, and getting financial aid.

Christian has seen too many families struggle to get into and pay for college. He loves the feeling of jumping in the trenches and guiding them to success. In fact, he built a career doing it. Let Christian’s experience lead you through the complicated process of college prep! Listen to a FREE webinar below and check out his website for more information.

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