The Fight For Family by Francie Willis

December 11, 2019

We are excited to announce the new book by Francie Willis “The Fight For Family: Defeating Generational Dysfunction, Finding Generational Freedom”

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DOES YOUR FAMILY NEED TO BREAK THROUGH generations of dysfunction like ours did?

What if your family could win the fight against dysfunction? What if you could write the remaining chapters of your family’s future? What if you could describe the freedom your family found, freedom your family restlessly sought for generations? What if “the journey your family is on” is not destined to crash and burn?  What if your family could be rerouted onto a road of healing more than you ever dreamed possible?

Generational dysfunction destroys the fabric of the family. It is oppressive cancer that multiplies stress and anxiety. It smothers our last ounces of hope, ambushes our most precious relationships, and embezzles priceless time that can never be recovered.

Examining dysfunction through the lens of scripture, author Francie Willis, along with six of her grandchildren, transparently and courageously tell their story with newfound clarity to make what could have been a tell-all tirade into a heal-all love letter.

Read their book and discover how you too can:

  • Learn to speak a truth that heals
  • Adopt a no-shame no-blame policy
  • Regain power by releasing control
  • Make a new message out of an old mess.


About Francie

Francie Willis began her professional career with the Wendy Ward Charm School coaching over 6,000 young women in a short span of six years. Her experience

led her to the staff of Miss Teenage America as an event choreographer and to the development of a nationwide Business Etiquette Program for Women. Traveling

across the nation, she made presentations to Fortune 500 companies and consulted with management staff of corporations in the USA. 

As a visionary entrepreneur, Francie Willis took a pioneering step when she opened Urban Retreat, a luxury day spa, and salon in the heart of River Oaks, Houston, Texas. Within four years after opening her industry-transforming business, Modern Salon and Spa, the two leading industry magazines, named Urban Retreat the 1993 Spa of the Year. As Co-Founder and CEO of Urban Retreat, her success has been recognized by Allure, Better Homes & Gardens, Elle, Redbook, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Town and Country, and Day Spa Magazine. 

With her reputation well established, Willis opened Urban Retreat West Day Spa and The Urban Retreat Skin Care Center and Medi Spa. Utilizing the knowledge gained from her skincare research and experience, she gained notoriety in the cosmetics industry creating Franché ® Mineral Cosmetics (the first mineral-based makeup with freeze-dried vitamins and sun protection factor (SPF) 20 and Franché ® Chirally Correct Skin Care. Franché ® launched at the celebrated Henri Bendel department store in New York. The development of her skincare line included products for women, men, and children. 

Francie Willis’ name graced the Houston Business Journal “Top 50 Women Business Owners” list for ten consecutive years. She has had a leading philanthropic and community service presence in Houston for the past 25 years. She has served on the boards of three educational institutions, including the University of Houston. Her leadership as chairperson of 16 galas made possible the raising of more than $10 million dollars for Houston charities, including the Chiquapin Preparatory School, The Monarch School, the Moore School of Music, the University of Houston, the Houston Grand Opera, and the Houston Gulf Coast Chapter of Sickle Cell. 

Willis has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Grandmother of the Year and Inspiring Business Woman of the Year by The Inspire Women’s Organization, the Houston Treasure Award by the Social Book of Texas, Business Entrepreneur and Business Woman of the Year by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Community Hero Award by the Houston Fire Museum, Distinguished Service Award by the University of Houston HAO, “Windows of Opportunity” Business & Entrepreneur Honoree by Benefiting Inner City Kids with Scholarships, Lifetime Volunteer by the Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), Top 25 Houston Leaders and Legends, and Volunteer of the Year by The National Association of Fund-Raising Executives, Humanitarian of The Year by the Cleveland Amory National Association, and Business Woman of the Year by the national organization A Tribute to Business Women.

Click Here to get your copy today.

(if you could please order it today before midnight your time it would be a tremendous help — now would be great too. )

PS – It would be a super extra favor to Francie if you had the time to write a review of the book on Amazon. We will look for feedback on what you thought about the book and the biggest benefit you received from the book.

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