Why Every CEO Should Write A Book

December 18, 2020

Why Every CEO Should Write A Book

Writing and releasing a book is a significant goal for any CEO, and we have the scoop on why. A CEO’s book has the potential to illustrate their unique process that will create an exceptional business, achieving outstanding results for owners, teammates, customers and their community.

Cracking the WHY

It’s commonly known that most authors aren’t in it for the monetary value that adds to their bank accounts. With that being said, CEO’s write for an array of reasons besides money. Whether it be a social cause, leadership and business advice, or personal anecdotes, a CEO has a story to tell, and voice to be heard. It is frequently found that retired executives embrace this opportunity to focus their time on a social issue that holds a benevolent and humanitarian relation to them.

Others write purely for the reader’s enjoyment and to add enrichment and knowledge. Jack Welch, who ran General Electric until 2001, shared the history of his time at the helm in his book “Straight From The Gut,” offering invaluable insight in the process. Howard D. Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks who wrote “Pour Your Heart Into It,” created this as a textbook for future CEOs.

The list goes on and on!

– Gain Professional Credibility

– Promote Your Book at Speaking Engagements

– Generate Leads for Your Business

– Spread a Valuable / Meaningful Message

– Add Another Stream of Passive Income

– Inspire Current Managers and Leaders


What Goes Into The Writing Process?

Unfortunately, the actual writing of a book can be daunting and even underestimated. Some of the challenges an author is bound to face include a lack of time, and humility. Many fancy themselves better writers than they are. While they may be brilliant at writing a captivating speech, crafting a memo is different than a bestselling book. To write a book, an author needs to set multiple hours a day for many months to practice and perfect their work.

The good news is a CEO can self-publish, and have complete responsibility and freedom to make each decision. The challenge here is to find a guide that can help with the planning process. A successful author needs an outline, storyboard, and visual map to plan the logical trajectory of the message.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The biggest first-time mistake is to brace the sea of self-publishing for the first time alone! You can find assistance with the writing process, editing, proofing, publishing and promotion of the book. There’s no shame in hiring some seasoned pros to put your expertise into production.

There’s more, of course but this should get some gears turning…Good Luck!

Looking for the next step? Check out our blog on 3 Ways To Write A Book Fast

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