Why Every Professional Athlete Needs a Book

April 22, 2020

You may be wondering why you – a professional athlete – should have a book? After all, you’re career has nothing to do with publishing a book. Why do you need a bestselling book when you’re already successful? The answer is simple. A book can benefit your career in ways nothing else can. How?

You May Be a Star Athlete but You Also Need a Book 

Famous Athletes With Books

Take a moment and think of your favorite famous athletes. Names such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Lewis, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson might pop into mind. And guess what? All of them have published books! And that’s just a few of the many athletes that have books. Some of these are autobiographies, self-help, and how-to books. Some are even children’s books! When we think of someone who is successful, we find ourselves wanting to know their story. What was their life like before they reached this level of success? Did they always know what they wanted to do? Or did it happen by accident? Think of your own story and the many twists and turns it has taken. We bet there’s people out there wondering what those details are. There are people who not just want to hear your story but need to!

Worried you don’t have the content to write a book? Check out our blog post on repurposing content! 

A Continuous Return On Investment

Because there is a need for your story to be heard, there is now a new platform in which to reach fans — and new followers. You may be thinking your niche is sports fans, but your niche may in fact be anyone who can and will be inspired by your story. While your sports career will not last forever, the written word will, thus creating a long-term and continuous positive return on investment. For more about how books create this ROI, check out our blog post here! 

There are many ways to create this ROI from booking speaking gigs, offering webinars, classes, book signings, and so much more!

Speaking Gigs, Credibility, and more!

We touched a bit on speaking gigs earlier as one of the ways to draw in revenue from your book. A book — particularly a bestselling book — is going to set you apart and give you a unique opportunity for speaking gigs. Paired with your career as an athlete, your book will open many doors for now and your future. You can offer self-help webinars and classes during your off-season. You might even consider starting a podcast!

The most important benefit of publishing a book is it establishes credibility in a way nothing else can and thus may be able to open even more doors for you in the athletic world.

We know that writing a book can be daunting, but Elite Online Publishing is there for you every step of the way. Whether you have written a book or just have the idea, reach out to us today and set up a time for a consultation. Click here to contact us today! All of our authors become bestsellers (for Testimonials, click here!)


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