How to Publish a Book in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

April 14, 2023

A few decades ago, getting published hinged more on being well connected and lucky than sheer writing talent. Unless you were in the same league as J.K Rowling (who herself had to face numerous rejections initially), being published was almost next to impossible.

The digital age has revolutionized the publishing scene and shifted the power to writers instead of just a few traditional publishing companies. It has also leveled the playing field for all authors – seasoned or beginners.

The reason behind this transformation? Self-publishing.

Here are the essentials of self-publishing.

Advantages of Self-publishing

Higher Profit

Self-publishing is more cost-efficient because it’s usually by print-on-demand scheme, so there’s no overhead, massive printing, and warehousing costs involved.

Greater Control

There is nobody to tell you your book doesn’t deserve to be published or cause you to compromise your artistic liberty as a writer. And, you can publish as many books as you can write and as often as you want.

Limitless Possibilities

There are more possibilities to grow your brand as an author. Unlike traditional publishers that market only bestselling authors, you can do as much marketing work to promote it as you can.

Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book

1. Clarify the Purpose

It’s essential to know the ‘why’ behind your book project. Whether it’s to build an asset for a passive income, establish authority as an expert, build your business, or diversify and add income streams – these are legitimate reasons that help you map out your path.

2. Choose Your Topic

Narrow down your topic to something you know deeply about and truly advocate for. If you have no idea yet, try searching the bestselling books on Amazon or Kindle and check their categories to help you decide on a specific topic for a niche audience.

3. Start Writing

Start making drafts. Make it informative and value-adding to your reader through research or interviews. Being authentic, diligent, and genuinely helpful will help you find the right words to tell your story and make an impact.

4. Market Your Book by Building Anticipation

You can start promoting your book early by building interest around it. Build a launch team and offer a unique free book offer to those who will sign up for your call to action.

5. Use a Catchy Title

Titling your book after writing the draft gives you more room to flesh out your topic instead of being constrained to your early title.

6. Hire an Editor and Cover Designer

A sloppy book cover design or awkward sentence structures can make your book appear amateurish and less appealing. You can hire affordable and professional freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork. Be sure to check and verify their portfolios first.

7. Format Your Book

Either hire a professional to do this or DIY it through resources available on online platforms and communities like KDP or

8. Complete the Self-publishing Process

Fill in requirements like ISBN, author bio, book size, paper type, categories, keywords, etc. The process varies based on the platform.

9. Set the Price

Check similar books online and use that as a guide to pricing your book. You can also set a launch price to sell your book at a discounted price for a limited period to promote it.

10. Reach Out to Readers and Influencers

You can tap your launch team to help generate sales by giving them free offers. This will help boost your book’s visibility and ranking and drive sales.

11. Plan Your Next Step

Publishing your book is just the beginning. Depending on the purpose defined in step 1, you can map out the next phase of your journey. Expand your business network and engage your audience by creating a YouTube channel or an online community- the opportunities are limitless.

Self-publish Your Book Today

Online publishing could very well be the growth engine for you. The key is finding the right self-publishing company to help you get there.

Experience self-publishing that understands your needs and supports your goals with Elite Online by joining our roster of satisfied clients.

If publishing a bestseller is something you want to do, and you’re serious about changing your life and your business for the better by getting your book out there in the world, then you need to apply to publish with Elite Online Publishing by filling out our author submission form. Sign up today and get a free self-publishing guide flip-book here.

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