How to Make Money on Your Book before It’s Ever Published

July 28, 2023

Writing a book is an arduous task that takes dedication, patience, and creativity. During the process, it’s reasonable to think that all other activities should be put aside. However, promoting and selling your book before it comes out is crucial in obtaining the success you want. One of the most significant mistakes authors make is overlooking the importance of pre-marketing. You can’t wait until the book is published to start marketing it. In this blog, we will go over essential steps to take to make money on your book before it’s published.

Understand the Importance of Pre-Marketing

Pre-marketing creates a buzz for your book before it even comes out. It includes the well-deserved hype, buzz, and anticipation that informs people that your book will be coming out soon. Pre-marketing is the launching pad for social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to create buzz is to write teaser copy. Teaser copy is designed to generate anticipation, excitement and get your audience talking about your upcoming book.

Create A Strong Online PresenceA phone with social media platforms popular with online writing.

Your social media presence and your website function like a central hub that hosts all the information about you and your book. Your social media presence and website are your virtual storefronts to the world, and you want them to be professional, sleek, and optimized. Creating a website and having active social media accounts can help build a community around your brand. You can also set up an author page on Amazon, which will give you a professional look.

Leverage Existing Platforms

Existing platforms like Amazon Kindle and Goodreads offer vast platforms for authors to promote their work. Joining these social media platforms and leveraging their built-in audience can work wonders. These platforms are already optimized for book sales and book promotion, which means your book is more likely to get the audience it deserves.

Reach Out to Potential Readers

There are many ways you can reach out to potential readers, such as creating targeted email campaigns or joining online forums in your genre. The key to this process is to identify your target audience and create content that appeals to them. Engaging with potential readers can give you a fantastic opportunity to tease out your book and drum up interest.

Leverage Local Connections

Connecting with local newspapers, radio, and TV stations is an excellent way to pitch yourself as an expert on your topic, giving you more credibility and helping you make a name for yourself. Offer free copies of your book to local media for review, and you are likely to get an interview that could lead to more sales for your book.

Offer Pre-Orders for Your Book

One final thing to consider is offering pre-orders for your book at discounted prices. This can be a significant marketing tool because it creates urgency and sets your audience on a definitive timeline. This strategy can help you build a loyal following of readers who are eager to read your book. 

Getting your book noticed and sold is all about pre-marketing. The trick to making money on your book before it’s even published is to generate interest and capture your target readers’ attention. With the tactics laid out here, you can create the buzz you need to make your book a success. Remember, marketing is a continuous process. Trust the team at Elite Online Publishing to help you create a plan that will elevate your book marketing.

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