Why Goal Setting Works

Why Goal Setting Works

Why Goal Setting Works

I know SMART goals are a very effective way to make and set a goal. But, I do find them sometimes tedious and hard to do. Since I have written about goal setting recently, I decided that instead of writing about how to set goals, I would share with you five reasons why goal setting works. We understand that goal setting is important and by setting them it will help you increase productivity, and can build ones self-confidence. But the study behind it is a bit vaguer. The wonderful thing about knowing why something works can make you A) more willing to do it (whatever “it” is) and B) more informed, and being more informed helps you make better decisions.

Here are five reasons why goal setting will improve your focus: Read more

Live on Purpose With A New Focus in 2018

Live on Purpose With A New Focus in 2018

Here are some thoughts to start your 2018 off on the right foot from your friends at Elite Online Publishing.

Remember – What You Focus On You Create. If you live from that knowledge it will help keep you moving in the right direction.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get your mind focused in the right direction.

  1. What steps can I take to live my life on purpose in 2018?
  2. What is my personal mission statement? Do I have one?
  3. What Goals and Dreams have I created for myself?
  4. Are they in line with that mission or purpose?
  5. Are they written down?

Did you know that 95% of the people who set New Year’s resolutions never follow through?

Take these simple steps to turn your dreams into reality.

  1. Get Clear on your Purpose. Write it down.
  2. Focus on where you want to go. Write down your goals!
  3. Create a Plan by breaking down your goals into small steps.
  4. Find an Accountability Buddy and Take Action Together.
  5. Keep it Positive.  Focus on the Goals.

Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

When you stumble, get back up, dust yourself off and get back on track. When you focus on your setbacks as failures it can take you down a negative rabbit hole.

Again Remember- Where Your Focus Goes You Go.

Stay Positive by using any setbacks as lessons to learn how to move forward even more efficiently the next time.

  1. Take a look and ask- What didn’t work?  
  2. What can I do differently to improve results?  
  3. Take that action in the direction of your goals and dreams!  

Remember – You’ve Got This!

Create an Amazing 2018!