The Elite Guide to Press Releases and Networking

November 19, 2021

The Elite Guide to Press Releases and Networking

We all may have individual goals that we want to see come to fruition with our books, but we can assume the overarching plan is: have it seen by MANY eyes! How do you get your name out there? How do you schedule a book signing? How do you make news with your story. That’s the real question we’ve all been asking at one point or another.

There’s a few bullet points we want you to jot down if you’re taking notes: These are important to remember!

      • Credibility: Reviews do wonders for this, but think about going beyond the written word to add to your credibility. You want your name to come up “randomly” in conversation. If you want people to recommend you, you need to be putting in the work, showing the actions that you’re going to really show up for them.
      • Reach: Refrain from the urge to stay behind your phone on social media. Branch out, and you’ll find there are a million ways to connect with your audience (which means there’s a million ways to advertise your book’s reputation). Of course, focus on your staples, but consider joining PodcastGuests for a year, or finding a TV outlet to land a small interview on. The more variety you have in your ad experience, the better chance you have at landing the really big interviews on Oprah!
      • PR stays, tweets and social media posts are short lived. Now, each post builds you up a little higher, but don’t underestimate the power of a lasting Press Release!

It’s important to note that getting media coverage and time is all about developing relationships: networking. The author’s life is typically considered a solitary position, but we highly disagree! No part of our publishing process leaves our author’s hanging, including the marketing end of things. There’s an endless number of benefits to networking in marketing, but we’re just going to name a few. Networking will help you…

      • Find new opportunities, and continue to think outside the box! It reminds us that other people are so creative, and can remind us to expand how we get stuck thinking.
      • Stay up to date in the ever-changing industry
      • Be motivated to succeed, and try new things!

You may find comfort with your nose tucked in a book, but if socializing is not you’re greatest strength, we have some tips and tricks to the networking game:

  • Prepare conversation starters
  • Make yourself business cards, and keep them in your wallet, car, and purse
  • Go to writing conferences, or local mixer events (It’s like an out-of-state college mixer for adults! Everyone is there to make friends and learn about each other. Bring a friend if you’re not feeling sure yet).
  • Research a Co-Working space near you
  • Reach out on social media

Stick around, as we’ll be going over how to write up your own Press Releases in a few weeks!

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