Why Every TV Personality Needs a Book

April 10, 2020

You may be thinking you’re not an author — you’re a TV anchor, podcaster, etc. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit greatly from publishing a book. In fact, it may be the best marketing tool you’ll ever use. 

Every TV anchor, podcast guest, and media personality should have a book — and here’s why!

Establish Your Credibility 

Simply being featured in the media isn’t enough to establish your credibility. Have you ever noticed when the news or other programs bring on an expert they often list their achievements, including any publications? The reason for this is a book testifies of your expertise in a way nothing else can. A published book provides information and your knowledge to the hands of the public. They can see your claims written with supporting arguments and experience first hand your credibility on the subject. 

Not only that but if you obtain bestseller status, your credibility increases. You are now a bestselling author of the topic you’re talking about. 

Gain More Media Opportunities

By establishing your credibility, you are creating more opportunities for media appearances. Different outlets will begin reaching out to you and asking for you to be on their program. And when you’re reaching out for speaking opportunities, you’ll be more likely to get the gig with a published book. In fact, you can even offer a free copy (or discounted copy) of your book at events or as a prize for listeners. You’re now not only offering solely your presence but a physical copy of a book filled with the information you’re speaking on. 

Reach More People

By having a book, you’re naturally going to attract new clients. Readers searching for your expert advice will stumble across your book — the best business card you could ever hand out. They’ll devour your words and if they’re in need of your services, you’ll be the one they reach out to. Remember, your goal is not necessarily to profit on book sales but to profit on your services provided. 

As a bestselling author you will obtain more clients and more media opportunities, thus affecting the overall ROI of publishing a book. 

All of our authors here at Elite Online Publishing reach  #1 bestselling status. We are dedicated to our authors and it is our goal that they be successful in their publication and beyond. Whether you have a book ready to be published or you’re just starting the process, contact us today to set up a time to discuss your book or book idea. 


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