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Don’t Let Procrastination Kill Your Book this Halloween

October 30, 2022

Mummy Halloween CostumeHalloween dress up season is here, and many writers revel in the season—it’s fantastic inspiration for books and stories. But for some writers, the season isn’t enough to inspire them to go back to their books.

After months of writing, the true killer of stories and potential best sellers emerges: procrastination.

If you’re one of the many writers who thinks about writing a book but keeps putting it off, you know that procrastination is killing your book ideas. But you shouldn’t let this happen.

You can make a killing as a book author even if you keep putting it off. In fact, some of the most successful book authors are also the biggest procrastinators. The key is to use your procrastination to your advantage.

Here are a few things you can do to overcome your procrastination and start writing your book:

Set a Manageable Goal

Whether you measure it in hours, pages, or words, setting a manageable daily goal for your book can help it progress. Decide how much you want to write each day or each week. Set a deadline and commit to it.

You can even gamify this process for added inspiration—give yourself rewards for meeting these goals!

Choose a Set Schedule

Many authors have specific preferences when it comes to writing times. Some prefer to do it in the early morning, while others are more productive after lunch or even late at night.

Determine the best hours for your productivity and set a firm schedule to focus on your book.

Make a Plan

You could also outline your book before you start writing. This will give you a roadmap to follow and what you need to write and address in your book.

This outline can also help you begin another chapter or part of your book if you feel stumped in one area.

Set a Deadline for Your Book

Another way to stop procrastination is to set a firm deadline for your manuscript. Align this date with your schedule, projected word count, and book outline so you can track your progress. This will help you stay motivated and keep you from getting sidetracked.

Use What You Have

If you love writing, you likely have a blog, a journal, or other works-in-progress that have been abandoned. Explore some of the many other things you’ve written and see how you can use them to your advantage.

A certain blog post may inspire you to write more, and some ideas jotted down in a stray notebook can help you develop ideas for the next sections of your manuscript.

Reading in fall leaves

Don’t Let Procrastination Kill Your Book this Halloween

Don’t let a book die this Halloween! Make a killing when you complete your book and work with a publisher who loves your stories and characters like us. Kill the procrastination and get in touch with Elite Online Publishing. 

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